Friday, March 23, 2012

Pawley 101

My boyfriend, Bailey, and I have a 4 year old Golden Retriever. Her name is Pawley. She would probably top the charts as one of the sweetest dogs on Earth but at the same time one of the most mischievous ones too! We have always joked that Pawley would contend with “Marley” (from Marley & Me), but never really penned all of our experiences with her… until this week. In the past, she has gotten into more food than a family eats in a month, been swimming in the lake (without our permission) more than a 10 year old during the summer, and done more circles chasing her tail than a tornado. But this week’s adventures opened our eyes.

Each night, Bailey and I take Pawley outside to the bathroom one more time before she goes to bed. Tuesday night seemed no different. Except this time when we took her off her leash, she darted for a nearby field. In order to get there, she had to go under a barbed wire fence. When we called for her to come back, she failed to come when called… what’s new. When she finally felt that she had spent enough time roaming the fields and having “dog devils” at 10:00 at night, she came running back- full force! And you guessed it… Pawley ran right into the barbed wire fence! Luckily, there wasn’t too much damage done other than a pretty nice gash on her hind leg :( .

Then, on Wednesday night, Bailey was making his peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his lunch the next day, as he does every night. For some reason, he did not put it in the plastic bag when he was finished but left it sitting on the counter on a napkin. Bailey and I resumed with watching TV, and didn’t think anything about what Pawley was doing. When a commercial came on TV, we both looked at each other and said “Where’s Pawley?”, as we always do when we notice it’s too quiet. We look in the kitchen, and Pawley’s in there. I look on the counter… no sandwich! Pawley had a nice midnight snack before bed. But what amazed us is that the sandwich was sitting on a paper towel. Somehow Pawley managed to take the sandwich off the counter without even moving the paper towel, which seems impossible as she usually sliiidees things off the counter.

Lastly, Friday night was pretty quiet in our town. March Madness was permeating from (it seemed like) every channel, so we took Pawley outside for a little while. It was nighttime, so we let her off her leash as she usually does not run too far from us. She was pretty good, except we noticed her inching closer and closer to the lake. Finally… ka-plunk! Pawley decided to go for a midnight swim. This tends to happen roughly once a week, and for some reason it always catches us off guard. Sometimes she won’t get in the water, and other times she feels the urge to cool off a bit. We just never know! This picture is from tonight after we got her back inside to dry her off.
Boy, do I love swimming!

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  1. Don't forget the wet-dog smell after this picture was taken!