Friday, March 30, 2012

Trash, Hair, and Lose Stuffing - Signs You Own a Golden Retriever

I just wanted to update everyone from this week's events with Pawley.

Caught red handed!!!
On Tuesday, Bailey and I decided to go outside for a couple of minutes - without Pawley.  I forgot to close the laundry room door before I left.  This may not mean much to you, but I must let you know that my garbage 
can is in there... And you guessed it.  We come back and Pawley's gotten into the trash. It wasn't as bad as we've seen before (thank goodness), but needless to say, she wasn't missing us while we went outside.

Last Winter... preparing for Summer. Pawley
 got shaved.
After her mischievous rant, I decided to brush Pawley since her Winter coat is starting to shed. You wouldn't believe (unless you have a Golden or have had one before) how much they shed! The only way to control this is by diligently brushing her or shaving her, as seen here to the right.
She sure was happy when I was done - she's
feeling much better :)
This is the bag of hair that we got off of her when
 Pawley was brushed...ridiculous

Wednesday night, Pawley was playing with her squirrel.  She must have been in her own world (or I must have been), because when I looked down at her, I saw this: 

***OH! And I almost forgot - Bailey got home today, and his house was a little stinky.  We figured out it was the trash, so we planned on taking it out before we went to the gym.   As we were getting ready to leave, I was walking through the entrance and noticed that Pawley had gone #2 right in the hallway!  But to our surprise... it had been there for a while! We had probably walked passed it several times before we even noticed it.  To our defense though, his floors are a dark-stained concrete, so it blended in very well.  You can imagine my hysterical laughing when I noticed it.  Needless to say... I teased him that the smell in his apartment probably wasn't only dirty trash :)

Gotta go now, as Pawley's pacing around the room panting in our faces with the "I GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM" look on her face.

Stay Tuned,

Emily and Bailey


  1. Hi Emily and Bailey and Pawley. Thanks for visiting our blog. We added you to our blog roll so we can keep up with your adventures. To get a blog roll, click at the top of your blog where it says design. On that screen, chose layout on the left hand side. On the next screen, click on "Add a gadget" and scroll through them. Blog roll is one of the choices. Don't forget to save when you are done, and don't forget to add us. If you need more help, e-mail us at

    Always nice to meet new Golden friends.

    Tucker, Daisy and mom Heidi

  2. Woof Emily, Bailey and Pawley! :)

    Just a quick note to say thank you for checking out my blog and welcome to the Dog Blogging World where you'll get to meet lots of nice doggies and crazy dog-loving owners! I've also included you into my 'blogroll' and I can't wait to read more about your adventures.

    See you around the blog!


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