Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lake Swimming > Dog Treats

We had gorgeous weather in the south this weekend!  After church today, Bailey and I ate lunch outside, and as always, Pawley accompanied us!  She never turns down a chance to 1) go outside and 2) have opportunity to get some food (especially something other than her dog food).

While we were eating our lunch, we had her on her leash tied to my patio (trust me... she was suffering in NO way) so that she wouldn't run in the lake or chase dogs.  When we got finished eating, Bailey was standing in the doorway calling for her while I was untying her from the patio so that she could go back inside.  We figured the 7 foot walk that she had to take to go back inside wouldn't serve too much of a distraction, especially since Bailey was using "treats" to try and get her back inside.  Boy were we wrong! As soon as she knew she was off her leash, she darted for the lake!  Once again, we were not planning on her going swimming today.  Luckily, though, it was such a pretty day outside, so we let her swim for a bit while we laid out.  Why we have yet to learn that Pawley cannot be trusted to walk 7 feet un-harnessed, without running into the lake is beyond me.

This is what it looks like when you're laying out and a wet, hyper, 80 lb. golden retriever comes and hovers over you to throw a stick for her to fetch.
Oops... got a little distracted by the birds chirping .

Completely worn out after a day of swimming.  Catching some zzz's with her friend Mr. Squirrel.

Looks like this weekend didn't pass without Pawley continuing her "activities" while we were left to try and hold on for the ride.  Stay tuned this week, as I'm sure within the next few days she will surprise us with another one of her escapades.

Emily & Bailey

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